strategic objective

icon targetThe management of the company is trying to reach the following goals:

  1. Develop the company’s assets:  achieve an annual growth of the company’s Investment which returns positively to shareholders.
  2. High performance level in finance:  growing the financial returns
  3. Cash dividend: increase the cash flow, which lead to growing cash dividends in the future.
  4. Management Structure: increase the company’s ability in the financial aspects and business development.
  5. Different finance methods: provide a variety of flexible and competitive financing options

at the end we came up with five main goals and they are: increase ( assets , profit, distributions, capacity and funding ) so keeping this goals in mind in every step that the company do or decision the company make will lead us to become one of the best Multi-Investment companies in the middle east, also we will be able to play a bigger role when we achieving all the goals in 2020, and after that just start doing another successful strategy.