Industrialization & Energy Services Co (TAQA)

Industrialization & Energy Services Co., is a Saudi joint stock company established in May 2003, owned 40% by the Saudi Government and the remainder by several Saudi private sector companies. The objectives of the   company are to establish industries and/or services related to petroleum, metals, petrochemicals, electrical and water desalination industries, either directly or through establishment of subsidiaries specialized in relevant sector(s), specifically;

Conducting geophysical/seismic surveys, mapping and collection of technical data, related to exploration of hydrocarbons, minerals, water and other natural resources.

Drilling and maintaining oil, gas, deep water and mining wells.
Casting and manufacturing valves, pipes and fittings.

Manufacturing, repairing, maintaining and providing support services for the industrial machinery, equipment and material required by petroleum, gas, mining, petrochemicals, electrical power, water desalination, fertilizers and other similar industries.

Establishing and managing laboratories related to the company activities.

Owning real estates, building offices, warehouses and display centers needed for achieving the company’s goals, including storing and protecting products of its projects.

Acting as an Agent or Sponsor of national or foreign person(s), establishments or companies.

Acquiring and/or leasing, sub-leasing patents, technical know-how and confidential industrial knowledge and developing any of those technologies it has or may have in future.

Establishing, wholly-owned or in joint ventures, industrial projects inside or outside the Kingdom.
Establishing industrial and commercial branches to complement its activities, horizontally or vertically.

The functions and activities of the company:-

  • Provide Services for geophysical studies, including ground, air and naval studies which exploring hydrocarbons places, also exploring minerals and underground water sources and develop them.
  • offer the all activities that related to exploring natural resources, including seismic surveys and Oceanic studies as well as geodetic studies and preparation of maps.
  • Help the oil and gas companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to increase its reserves and reduce the costs of exploration, increase the production activities to the highest limit.
  • Provide the highest level of coordination between the partners and develop the operations, the growth and expand them.
  • High-quality drilling services for oil and gas extraction.
  • The company has heavy offshore rigs capable of drilling in the Gulf waters.
  • The company has an offshore platform self-propelled for Multi-use for the services to the oil wells.

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