Gulf Company for the manufacture of salt

Gulf Salt Co. was established in 1995 incorporating the most state-of-the-art technology and expertise available in the field of salt refining. The strategic location of the refinery in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia enables the company servicing of clients in the region, with their high purity salt products within the shortest delivery time frame.

The company products are:

  1. Table Salt (Pure Vacuum Dried): Iodized salt with its ‘free flow’ property is packed in composite drums of 737 grams and comes in a carton of 24 drums.
  1. Food Grade Salt (Pure Vacuum Dried): This is produced in iodized and non-iodized forms. The packaging is in woven polypropylene bags with inner lining of polyethylene of 25kg and 50kg. The applications is for bakeries, food-processing industries and animal feed industries.
  1. Salt Briquettes (Pure Vacuum Refined-Dried): It is manufactured in a pillow shape with size specification of 25.4mm x 14.5mm x 9mm. The packaging in sealed low-density polyethylene bags of 25kg. The product is specifically tailored for use in water softening, conditioning and treatment industries.
  1. Industrial Salt (Pure Vacuum Dried): The salt manufactured is of highest purity taking into account the need for reduction in purge streams in the chemical processes. The packaging is in polyethylene jumbo bags with inner lining of polyethylene of 1 ton and 1.5 ton capacity. The product is for petrochemical industries as well as drilling mud for the oil industries.