Arabian Industrial Fibers Company (IBN Rushd)

was established in February, 1993 as a limited liability company and thereafter converted to a joint stock company in December, 1995. SABIC, promoter of the project owns about 49% of the shares of the company and remaining shared among several companies in the region.

The complex is located in Yanbu Industrial city and it consists of 3 integrated plants, namely:

Aromatics Plant
Ibn Rushd produces different types of aromatic products. Paraxylene and Benzene are the two basic products. In addition, there is a possibility of producing other series such as Ortho-xylene and the Meta-xylene. The liquidated petroleum gas is used as a primary feedstock in a process that depends on a modern technology called Cyclar.

PTA Plant
In this phase the Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) is manufactured from Paraxylene and Acetic acid.

Polyester Plant
Polyester staples are produced by the reaction of PTA with the ethylene glycol through several production lines giving way to producing different types of polyester that include:

currently being in the company of Ibn Rushd radical changes to the sequence of production and  more expansion in the PTA  industrial and the production of Polyester , which is expected to double production volumes after commercially launched during  2014 , which will be reflected positively on the financial situation of the company.