image descriptionSaudi Advanced Industries Company (SAIC) established in 1987 as a Saudi joint stock company with the capital, 108 million Saudi riyals however in 2007 increased the capital to 432 million Saudi riyals and then in 2015 increased to 500 millions Saudi riyals .

The aim of establishing the company is to help the private sector to participate in the industrial’s development in the Kingdom, and also  to participate in the companies of the economic offset program and to import the advanced technologies to the Kingdom.
since the company established its been participated with  number of companies which is member of the Economic Offset Program, in addition to other industrial projects and has focused lately on the industries that have more competitive advantages such as the industries of petroleum, gas and petrochemical industries and manufacturing industries, construction materials and services associated with them.

regarding to the company’s efforts to keep updated and focus on what happen in the economic events, we have reviewed the company’s strategy and reviewed the most important facts, that what lead us to developing a strategic to end with a plan for 2020 and we call it  ” advanced in 2020 “the strategy include a number of goals that will be checked every year to make sure we are doing well and we are in the right track.